Life Members

Life membership is awarded to those people in the club who have dedicated plenty of their time over the years to make the club what it is today.

This prestigious award is given only to a member that has contributed above and beyond the call of duty to the running and welfare of the Club.

This person you usually find is ready to arrange and improve the running of the Club.

Life membership is not given or taken lightly and takes years of total dedication to achieve.  The few who are awarded this distinction realise the acknowledgement of gratitude for their efforts, being made a Life Member. It is voted on by a panel of existing life members upon nomination.

The following people are Life Members of the Whitfords and Districts Cricket Club


1974/75 Les Hill
1977/78 Derek Lishman *
1983/84 Edward Croft *
1983/84 Terry Cross
1984/85 Neil Rotham
1984/85 David McClymont
1985/86 Earl Baker
1985/86 Jeane Gregory
1986/87 Garry W. Green
1987/88 Terrence Clements
1989/90 Terrence C. Watts
1989/90 Graham Bishop
1992/93 David K. Elsegood
1996/97 Roger Thompson
1999/00 Stuart Clarke
2000/01 Gary R Caporn
2003/04 Alan Dancer
2005/06 Brenton M. Seymour
2006/07 Ed Rennie
2007/08 Glenn Harris
2009/10 Jan Sonder-Sorensen
2012/13 Michael Parker *